Saturday, 4 June 2011

A longing for colour

Fresh with all the practice with mark-making and the blending skills that I've started to acquire from using monochrome media like graphite and charcoal, I started to look longingly at my pastels and all those yummy colours that seemed to be looking all forlorn in their boxes. This was painted in about an hour using Sennelier soft pastels - I make no apologies for using the word painted: no brushes were used but applying raw pigment with painterly strokes is painting after all ... isn't it?

We're off to London (or The Smoke as we Northeners like to refer to it)  to see a few ageing AOR bands at Wembley Arena soon. Anyone want to show their age and remember Styx, Foreigner or Journey, LOL? I was hoping to perhaps do a little sketching or even stop off at the Tate to see the big watercolour exhibition but it looks like we won't have enough time:) Oh well, there's always next weekend.  Have a good one!

PS. The Wembley Arena gig was absolutely awesome. Despite getting to London early, and finding a really nice place to eat near Covent Garden before we made our way to Wembley, we still managed to fall foul of the engineering works on the tube and miss the first few minutes of the opening band.  It was a hot day in London outside and absolutely baking inside the arena but certainly well worth it :)

Imagination wood


  1. I say, "painterly is painting"
    and pretty good I might add.
    Yes, we all need a bit of color in our lives once in a while..
    Enjoy your weekend.. !

  2. This is a beautiful picture Michael! Beautiful colours.
    Enjoy your weekend in London.

  3. Great painting, or painterly pastel! I have never used pastels, but I can understand your need for colour. Enjoy London!

  4. Lovely bit of colour!
    Not ashamed to show my age at all - great bands! Have a great weekend!

  5. Gorgeous painting!
    Enjoy the trip - and I'll admit to Foreigner, but don't know the other two - must have been listening to Abba at the time :) xx

  6. Thank you, BJ. Yes that's true, we do all need a little bit of colour in our lives :)

    Dank je, Renske. It's so much easier to get those beautiful colours with pastels :)

    Hi Judy, dank je. I think you should give pastels a go. I think you'll be a natural at it :)

    Hi Anita, thank you. I'm glad you like the colours. You remember all these bands? And I thought you were just a spring chicken :)

    Hi Pat, thank you. My, you're up early today! Abba, no, can't quite place the name - I must have been listening to Slade or T Rex, LOL :)

  7. I'm off to see (ahem.. Take That... shhhh) at Wembley next month, lol! And also I'm going to the very same Watercolour Exhibition in August too!
    I love your pastel painting - and all of the colours you have used work SO well! Absolutely brilliant sketch!

  8. Thank you, Sandra. You don't have to whisper - I quite like Take That myself. I share the same birthday as Gary Barlow - he celebrated his 40th the day I celebrated my 50th this year! I may have to wait until after the family hols for the exhibition too so our paths might cross. I'm the tall handsome one clutching the Daler Rowney sketchbook, LOL.


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