Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rainy days

As a final (or perhaps penultimate) post before I disappear for a week or so, this is a watercolour I did this evening/morning based on  a photograph of a slightly gloomy day at Weymouth taken on a previous holiday week in Dorset. For some bizarre reason it always seems to be either raining or a little chilly there when we visit, but thankfully it normally brightens up a litle ! The beach was unusually empty apart from this dog walker and a few other brave souls. This was painted on Arches 140lb Rough using lovely transparent Winsor & Newton tube watercolour :O)

Weymouth beach, watercolour, 9" x 12"


  1. This is really beautiful painted Michael. It gives the atmosphere of early morning or late evening on beach where a siren repose. In the background you can hear the sea murmur.

  2. Lovely watercolour! I hope the weather gets better on your holiday!

  3. Splendid stuff, I like your suggestion of the buildings. Have a wonderful holiday, Michael.

  4. Thank you Renske, I'm delighted that the painting evoked such a feeling to you :)

    Thank you for your comments Judy and yes I hope so too :)

    Hi Sharon. Thank you for your kind comments. Should be wonderful ... weather permitting :)

  5. Absolutely Wonderful work Michael. I just love your loose yet controlled stye. Great work. Enjoy your holiday.

    All the best to you,

  6. Hi Joan. Thank you for your wonderful comments. They're very much appreciated. All the best to you too, Michael!

  7. More!
    Expect to see many more after your hols :) Have a fab time :) xx

  8. Thank you Pat! I just hope I can get some time in between all the carnival atmosphere, the wonderful geology and eating all that yummy Dorset apple cake and the best fish and chips in the world!


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