Thursday, 4 August 2011

By the seaside

I hope this works since Blogger/Picasa seems to be broken at the moment and images aren't showing up on either my blog or any of my friends' blogs. Also, I'm on holiday at the moment and so I had to resort to using my camera since I have no scanner! So apologies if this looks a bit of a mess (or doesn't work at all).

These are a few sketches that I've managed to fit in over the last few days. I was hoping to do a lot more but I've been busy enjoying the sunshine, the scenery, the entertainment and the food and drink :) The weather has been excellent to date, although it has rained overnight and is just starting to clear up now. Hope you are all well, Michael :O)

Paddling with Grandad, gouache, 7" x 10"

Polka dot mother with baby, Derwent A5 sketchbook

Bournemouth Park, Derwent A5 sketchbook

Purbeck sunrise, Derwent A5 sketchbook

Knoll Beach, Studland, Derwent A5 sketchbook

People on the beach, Swanage, Derwent A5 sketchbook

Early morning sunlight, Ulwell caravan park, Derwent A5 sketchbook

Ulwell caravan park, Derwent A5 sketchbook
View from Bournemouth park, Derwent A5 sketchbook


  1. Michael, great watercolor sketches, and so many of them too..
    Love the hair on that one guy!!!
    You'll have all these memories..
    Enjoy yourself right to the last minute.!!! we only go round once !

  2. Hi Michael,

    Wonderful sketches. It's good to see you are able to post. Your blog is a delight to view. Yes, ENJOY!! I agree with BJ about going around only once.

  3. This is a lovely record of your holiday. I'm so glad you are at a caravan park it was tipping down this morning and I was keeping my fingers crossed you weren't in a tent. Stay dry ;o)

  4. Hi Michael.
    Glad you are enjoying your hols` I like them all but love the first and fourth paintings. Well done and all the best.

  5. Glad you're enjoying your holiday and indeed some sunshine! I love your people sketches!

  6. These sketches are great fun and a lovely record of your time here in Dorset. I like the first very much and hope that when you get home you decide to use this ketch and your happy memories as the inspiration for a full size painting, perhaps in acrylics or watercolour and gouache. No need to change the composition. it works well although for balance you could try moving one yacht across to the right side of the painting. Three in total work well.A tone lighter for the distant Purbeck hills may also give a greater impression of distance. You should be very happy with this.

  7. These are great! I SO admire people like you who get out there and sketch! I went out today and wasted so much time procrastinating... What to draw, 'what medium... What paper... Simply avoiding' basically! So by the time I get to it I am panicing about how much time I have, blah, blah...
    I am now going to attempt to sketch something, however small, every day!

  8. Nice pictures Michael. Good to hear that you enjoy your holiday. Sounds like you have good weather. Enjoy the last holiday days.

  9. Thank you everyone for such kind and encouraging comments. You've all made a fabulous summer holiday even better! I had written a longer more personal one to one reply but I took so long to write it that my internet connection timed out and I lost it!

  10. great sketches Michael. I would say you've been very productive.

    btw I use a camera all the time as I don't have a scanner in Doha and only walk to the copy shop for finished pieces.

  11. Wow! Look at you go!
    Brilliant sketches and a great memory of a fab holiday xx

  12. Sue - thank you. I did the sketching in fits and starts but I must have done about 10-12 in total. A tripod would have been handy to do the photos but I'll remember that for next time :)

    Pat - thank you. Yes, I've got a healthy set of sketches as a wonderful memory now :)

  13. Hi Michael,
    thank you very much for the nice comment on my blog, glad you like it.
    I like the way you sketch a bit of everything in your book - it's a nice way to keep a record of places and people - and your skteches and drawings are really full of life! Thanks for sharing. Valérie

  14. Love these sketches, especially Purbeck Sunrise and Paddling with Granddad, where you have captured the quality of light spot on, and very simply, too. Amazing and I bet, instinctive? You make me want to get my watercolours out....but I always make a mess!

  15. Hi Sharon and thank you for your lovely encouraging comments both here and in your reply to my comment on your recent post!
    I did the two you like the most in the young hours of the morning, one plein air and one from a photo. The rest of the clan were fast asleep in the caravan. I think I'm definitely an early morning artist! Come on Sharon, I know you can paint watercolours - so get out those pans/tubes and lovely soft brushes - even if it is just to make some mess to begin with!


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