Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On top of the world

Oh my goodness, I've managed to acquire ten followers! That's double figures :) I'd like to say a big thankyou to all of you for bothering to stop by and take a look at my blog and to leave such nice comments.The nice thing about this blogging stuff, as some of you have said before, is that it makes us dedicate more time to our art work. In addition, the feedback that we get, be it good, bad or indifferent, encourages us to do even more!

One of the blogs that I follow is that of Chris McGrady who lives in South Western Colorado at an altitude of 9600ft where it's probably too cold outside to even pick up a paintbrush for a large part of the year but she still manages to produce some mighty fine work and lots of stunning photographs of the beautiful place she has chosen to live with her family. Inspired by her photographs, and with a deep and long lasting love for the high, remote places of the world, I dusted off the Schmincke watercolours and painted this from imagination. I hope you like it.


  1. Its lovely. Michael. You've done a good job there xx

  2. Thanks, Pat. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out.

  3. Wow, from imagination, great painting! Congratulations on no. 10!

  4. From your imagination? Wow! Just brilliant! love it!

  5. Very nice Michael.

    Next time, why don't you ask if you can use one of her photos as a reference? It could give you a different perspective.

  6. Judy, thank you. Here's hoping for my next ten followers :)

    Cristina, thank you :)

    Sandra, thank you. Yes, this is from imagination, inspired by Chris' photos :)

    Sue, thank you. Yes, I was thinking about asking Chris for permisssion to use her photos for references but it was a spur of the moment thing :)

  7. Mike,I am honored that my pictures would inspire you to paint such a lovely watercolor. As you say, feed back is always very nice and it will definitely inspire me to post photos more often... (sometimes I feel like "Oh no, not another snow picture!) and to paint more! I have no excuse, I am right there in all that beauty.
    But your imagination is serving you very well and as I saw your painting I immediately wondered if you were traveling in my neck of the woods!
    I am going to add jokingly that you doing very well for an engineer, and I should know since I am married to one, LOL!

  8. Thank you very much Chris. Unfortunately, I've never been so far out west or north, stateside-speaking, to see those stunning views that you get to see everyday. North Carolina was very nice and Chicago was ... well ... Chicago!
    Yes, please be encouraged to take more photos and get those paints out and enjoy!
    As for being married to an engineer, that's a good choice but don't expect him to fix the TV/Dishwasher/PC - LOL.


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