Monday, 16 May 2011

Pause for thought

I pass this wonderful statue on my way home from work .. well that's if I decide to go through the town centre for a bit of shopping, rather than the quick way home. I bought a new sketch book and a snazzy collapsible biro in town and so, armed with my new purchases and fancying a little break before I made my way home, I sat in the market square and sketched the war memorial in front of the old Court House and Mayor's Chambers. I must be getting more comfortable with plein air sketching now - I just ignored any passers-by and got on with it! I added coloured pencil at home., some from memory and some from reference to photographs on the web.



  1. Lovely sketch and so brave to do some en plein aire.
    Would you consider fading the windowed wall out a little, to make the statue stand out more?

  2. Thanks Pat. I'll give your suggestion a try later - putty rubber will probably do it. On the other hand I could deepen the tone of the statue - I couldn't get it as dark as it actually is without using black :)

  3. Great sketch! And indeed brave to sketch en plein air!
    I agree with Pat, rather than darkening the statue, but I don't like to use black, so who am I?
    I am struggling with a painting with also a window in it and I have a similar problem.

  4. I LOVE this sketch! I love the coloured pencils and I am so envious that you can sketch in public without a second thought - Unlike me who has a melt-down if someone happens to notice!

  5. Thanks Judy. I don't like to use black either if I can help it so I'm going to try lightening the background a little and I'll probably post the result here for comparison :)

    Thanks Sandra. Nobody really noticed or approached me so it's probably the longest I've gone without panic setting in! It's just a matter of practice and I'm sure you'll be fine and get nothing but compliments anyway :)


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