Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A change of Heart

Ok, ok, ok ... I hear you all LOL! You're all so very special you know ... thank you so much for your thoughts on my decision.

I'm back ... but it will be a while before I can get my head around painting and drawing again. If you're happy to wait, then I'm more than happy to continue to share the journey with you :)

Just to show you how I've progressed over the years, this is a coloured pencil and watercolour sketch I did on location in the moors above my old home in Keighley, West Yorkshire. I have so many happy memories of that place, locked in my memory for a quarter of a century ... three jobs, a redundancy, a daughter, a son, two step daughters, two dogs, five cats, one rabbit, a few hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and fish, two houses, a county, a lost mother, father and brother and an ex-wife ago! Ah, to be 20/30 something again  :).

Critical comments on a postcard to .....LOL.

And here it is in real life ... the actual location of one of my first plein air experiences! Isn't the internet wonderful ? But hang on, who put those speed signs there ... 50 MPH, who are they kidding .. this is a 1 in 4 hill with severe corners and you're approaching a junction ???

Hope you're all enjoying the run-up to Christmas. It's almost time to crack open the Bailey's Irish Cream and grab a handful of Roses. Mmmm, life is good  ;). Happy painting and drawing !

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  1. Pff Michael, good to hear that you just goes through with your blog. You don't have to post something every week. Once you have time, you draw or paint and you place it on your blog as it suits you. We wait though.

    Beautiful painting, only the road looks more like a ditch.

  2. Welcome back Michael!!
    I can't tell you how many times my thoughts have run in that same direction.. I too actually did post it on my blog... something like "Lights Out" but they were turned on the next day or so.. lol!
    Sometimes we're overwhelmed with 'life' and seek to simplify.
    I for one will look for you and if you don't post for a month I'll still visit .
    I see the progress you've made and only time can do this.. Just use it wisely and you'll be fine.
    hugs, BJ

  3. Oh, good! A very merry Christmas to you, Michael, and a prolific painting 2012!

  4. Now that's the best Christmas news! *dancing*
    Welcome back Michael, happy to see you whenever you can get here!

    Yes, you have come a long way - and not only in houses :)

  5. Eh.. are you sure? You're not going to change your mind again tomorrow? Seriously, welcome back, Michael! I'm glad you're back, and please just post at your own pace!

  6. Damn it!!! I thought I'd have a bit more time with one less blog to follow. ;-)
    Great news Michael.

  7. So glad that you decided to stay. I remember you telling me when I was frustrated by not being able to keep up that I didn't have to post every day, or even once a week ;)

    You have too many friends here to ever stop.. we all get just one day at a time... and art is something we should always try to keep in our lives, it makes it more beautiful!

    Welcome back and a very Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Good news! I am happy you are back. Take your time, continue to live life at both ends ...

    and see you later :)))))))

  9. Hi Michael.
    I`m trying this comment for the second time, so wish me luck.
    I ditto all above my friend, with spades. First of all, I can certainly see that you have come a long way with your Art, many miles I would say. When you did that painting
    above, you were learning, and now you are an Artist. By the way Michael, your story seems like my story. I won`t go into detail, but it certainly is very similar. Glad that you are having another go my friend. Don`t forget, post only when you can. All the best.

  10. Hello Michael, glad to hear that you've decided not to pull the plug. There probably won't be much happening for a couple of weeks in any case.

    I'll be looking forward to an occasional post next year.

  11. Actually you made something much prettier and interesting out of a quite anonimous country road...the talent was there all the way!
    I am glad you had a change of heart Michael, as the saying goes..' you have a standpoint, opinion until you get a new one '. Do it your way, you are the one to set the pace. xox

  12. Oh YIPEEE!!! I am SO glad you changed you mind! I still think a 'Michaels Monthly Bytes' would be a good title and would ease the pressure that you are putting on yourself! I am sure that for every ten posts you make, I make two, so you have nothing to worry about!
    Your post made me chuckle - My, you have been busy!!
    I'll be putting my last post up before the new year this afternoon or tommorow, so I may not be around to comment for a while after that because there are so many things I need to do in preperation for Christmas. So - please have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New-Year!

  13. Hi Michael,

    No lol here. I am so tempted to post, it certainly is addicting. But gotta say Michael. Love what you post and happy to see you back.

    In this painting you certainly captured the road and the distance. I think you did a great job.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  14. Dear Mike, I am late in commenting on your decision, and then on your rethinking, about to leave the world of blogs ... and do you know why I am late? because I too have the same problem, and I can not always be present and up to date, neither on my blog nor on the comments to my friends... Life is full of commitments and different realities, and of course, since we are still "normal", we also want to live this "real" life, and this necessarily involves to post less, and sometimes even to paint less... above all, as Sandra said, if I have a little free time I try to give priority to art, and only after I dedicate myself to the world of the web; and even if sometimes the fear of being forgotten is great, I think we have to make choices... and then I can tell you that little is better than nothing, and that to me it is enough that you are here only occasionally, and that I am happy to have you among my blog friends, although I can not always be present... But even if in silence, I will always follow you! A hug, dear Mike, and a big wish of a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  15. Thank you everyone ... you make it all worthwhile :)

  16. Hi Michael, today I came back to your blog after many busy days and I discovered that you had almost been at the point of giving it up! I'm happy that you have changed your mind! You are right that blogging can't distract us from our lives and from the people around us, but this doesn't mean that to take care of our lives and of our beloved ones we have to quit blogging at all! One post per month can be enough, or even less... it doesn't matter, the dialogue between bloggers goes on anyway. I hope to see new works of yours here...
    Merry Christmas!

  17. Thank you, Lucia, for your advice and kind thoughts. I hope you and yours are having a restful and Buon Natale!


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