Saturday, 17 March 2012

Light to Dark, Dark to Light

I think it's Ron Ranson,one of my all-time favourite artists, who suggests the use of Burnt Umber for tonal sketches. It is also nice, as in this case, to use for a complete monochrome painting. It has a superb range of tonal values that equals that of either ivory or lamp black, two other great pigments that I'm starting to use a little more. And what's to stop YOU putting black in your palette ? I know I have ! Oops, perhaps I lost a few more followers there ?!? Just in case you're worrying that I may be going through my dark period ... well don't, I'm not ... well not just yet anyway ! ... but have a chuckle at someone who I think may be going through his  .... LOL.

The Fast Show- Johnny Nice Painter

I hope you are all keeping well. Happy St Patrick's Day ... and of course happy painting too to you all :)

'And You And I', Monochrome with Burnt Umber Watercolour and BrushPens on Fabriano5 140lb HP, A5
 And to make up for my tardiness in posting and commenting, a couple more recent pieces for you, both primarily watercolours of course! The first is purely from imagination, the second is from memory.

'Slippery Slope', Watercolour and Watercolour Pencil on Fabriano5 140lb HP, A5
Hemingford Abbots, Watercolour and BrushPens on Fabriano5 140lb HP, A5

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Beneath the surface

Like the snowdrops
Beneath the surface
Below the autumn leaves
We sometimes forget
The beauty we seek
Is already there
It always was
It always will be
And will return to greet us
To blossom in the spring

(c) M Bailey 2012

For my wonderful wife Sue. A Pina Colada moment. 
 Thank you, Gorgeous ... you are my life x

'Beneath the surface', Pebeo Fine watercolour on Matt Hannemuhle Cornwall watercolour board (450gsm), 24x17cm

Common Snowdrops in Hartford, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK

And finally, happy St David's Day to all our Welsh friends, both at home in Cymru and across the globe. The descendants of my paternal grandmother's family appear to have moved across the border from England into Monmouthshire in Wales over a hundred years ago ... so that makes me slightly Welsh.
Yaki da !!!  Lucky Sue decided to cook leeks for the main veg last night LOL.

Happy painting and drawing (And any other arty 'ings') to you all:)
Tara !