Materials and Methods

Coming soon ... a look at what I take out with me on my sketching trips and on longer holidays and why. Also, a look at some of the heavier and bulkier stuff that generally stays back in 'the studio'.

I love to see how other artists work so I thought it would be useful for me to show how I work. I'm currently toying with the idea of moving my art gear out to the summerhouse to create a proper studio so that I can have a true place of my own, rather than cluttering up the conservatory! I hope to get it done before winter arrives and I'll keep you up to date with the progress :).

I plan to talk a little about the materials and methods I use and why: advice on pigment selection, and some advice and personal reviews on brushes, papers, paints, pastels, pencils, pens and any other materials that I use (or don't use and why).

If any of you have any thoughts or suggestions on things you would like to see here, then please leave a comment:).


  1. I converted my summerhouse to an art room too, so I can be as messy as I like! The only problem is in the winter, when the freezing temperatures arrive and the damp sets in. I have to move the paints and art work, paper etc back in. I have asked my hubby if he would insulate and dry line it for me and he says he will do that some time in the next few months :0D
    I like the idea of reviews - especially on sketchbooks. I have loads of barely used sketchbooks because I have yet to find one I am happy with - Moleskins and W&N surprisingly being the worst of all of them!

  2. Hi Sandra. Yes, I thought your studio in the summerhouse looked very nice in your last post. I remember you posting a painting and photographs of your garden and summerhouse back in winter. I was concerned about the heating problem too but I'm just thinking about it all at the moment.
    Sketchbooks LOL!!! Yes, perhaps sometime we ought to count our collections and see who's got the most! I just love them - I'm an art materials junkie. I've got a DR A4 Cachet on order at the moment and tonight I ordered an A4 Seawhite filled with a lovely coloured Kraft paper from the local emporium. I agree that some I've tried are so bad that they just get used for doodles and tests. I only like moleskines for graphite and coloured pencil and the paper in the W&N heavyweights is fab for watercolour and charcoal (as used in my recent posts) but the casebound ones are now glued, not stitched, and fall apart (remember Sue Pownall's experiences in the heat?). The wire bound ones however are quite nice. I'll have to make a list of what I've tried and what I recommend at some time. Bye for now :-)


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