Saturday, 24 March 2018

Virtual Reality

Hello everyone ... anyone still out there?

I've recently been playing with a pen-based computer and I've been trying out a few free and paid-for painting and sketching apps.

This simple sketch was done using a Samsung Galaxy Book ... a Windows 10 based tablet PC that I like to call my 'poor mans Surface Book'  :-)). I used a lovely no-frills drawing app called Colorist which has a few basic tools: pen, eraser, colour dropper and a really nice coloured pencil plus an easy to use palette.

It's a little bit strange drawing on a glass screen to begin with but eventually, apart from the lack of tactile feedback,  it starts to feel like you're using real coloured pencils on real textured paper rather than virtual ones!



  1. This has worked well. I like the way you have broken the colour in the different areas and repeated them. It's funny but even though this is such a different medium I can still see your 'signature' in the mark making - it is recognisably you. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I was quite pleased with it. This is just an imagination sketch and yes it does have my signature marks :-) Do you do anything with drawing or painting software?

  2. Hey, you are blogging again! Great! Lovely to see your old paintings back, I love them. And now this virtual landscape, hope to see more!


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